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Boundless Carpentry & Decks

Quality Craftsmanship

To ask your questions, schedule a consultation for measuring, or request a free estimate, please refer to the contact details.

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Spruce up your residential space with help from Boundless Carpentry & Decks in North Carolina. We provide a wide variety of carpentry services such as trim and finish, minor remodeling, and deck and treehouse building. Our team accepts custom-made projects that suit your exact requirements.

What We Do


  • Baseboard Starting at $1.50 per linear ft
  • Crown Molding Starting at $2.50 per linear ft
    *Price May Vary Due to Complexity of Design
  • Chair Rail Starting at $2.50 per linear ft
  • Wainscoting Starting at $10 per linear ft

  • Interior Door Starting at $125 per Door

    *Includes Door Trim

  • Shiplap Starting at $15 per linear ft


  • Floor Tile - $2 - $32 per square ft
  • Wall Tile - $5 - $20 per square ft
  • Shower Tile - $5 - $20 per square ft
  • Backsplash Tile - $5 - $40 per square ft
  • Countertop Tile - $5 - $40 per square ft
    *ALL Tile Prices Vary Due to Complexity of Design & Location
  • Removal of Tile - $1 - $3 per square ft

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